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14K Solid Gold Jewelry. Tailor Made to Fit Your Style.

At Love Weld, we specialize in creating permanent bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings that often signify a special someone, bond or event in your life.

Each 14K solid gold jewelry piece is tailor fitted to your specific measurements and can be customized by adding charms that tell your story and suit your style. We complete the process by bonding your 14K solid gold jewelry piece with a quick mini weld - resulting in your very own personalized permanent jewelry piece that is uniquely you. 

Book An Appointment

Our appointment time is typically 30 minutes which can accommodate up to 3 welded jewelry pieces or 3 guests. We also offer one hour appointments that can accommodate up to 6 welded jewelry pieces or up to 6 guests.

All of our appointments are led by a Love Weld welder that will guide you through product styles and options, as well as the complete Love Weld process. 

Chain & Charm Styles

Our studio chain styles are all 14K solid gold and are available in yellow, white and rose gold.

Starting at $40


Our charms are carefully crafted and curated with permanent wear in mind. This means solid gold, solid settings & stones that can withstand daily wear. Love Weld specializes in high end forever bound technology that allows us to add charms to your chain links with barely there precision for a seamless look. Add now, or over time to tell your story with Love Weld charms.