From our founder

LW Origin Story

the Spark

Hi Y'all! My name is Sarah Sides and I am the founder of Love Weld. The LW magic all began with a spark of inspiration when I was conducting trend research for a  jewelry brand I designed for. At the time, there were two stores in Paris and New York, where clasp-free jewelry was an ancillary service to a traditional jewelry store. I found the concept fascinating, became a bit obsessed, and quickly decided that the concept needed to be its own brand. I wanted to create a space for people to connect & celebrate life through jewelry!

The premier

Along with my husband, we came up with the Love Weld name. We wanted the name to be timeless, simple and all about the customer (you!) In February of 2020 I hosted my first Love Weld Galentine’s event with my best friends in my garage studio in Austin, TX. It truly was an exceptional night! We laughed, bonded & I learned quickly champagne and operating a welder do not mix.

The journey

Today Love Weld now has locations across the United States--making it the fastest growing and largest permanent jewelry retailer to specialize in this new concept. I’m proud to say that thanks to my amazing team, we’ve stayed  connected to our origin story.  Our brick and mortar locations don’t look or feel  like a traditional jewelry store. There are places to sit and hang out, and we regularly are hosting special events for our clients. Where now they get to enjoy the bubbly! In a time where the world can feel dark and lonely, our aim is to create a spark of light and connection, through stunning 14k gold forever bound jewelry.