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Love Weld™ Forever Bound Jewelry

Forever bound jewelry is custom-tailored permanent jewelry. 

A Love Weld™ piece is a 14k solid gold fine jewelry item that’s personalized during your visit to our welding studio. Once the piece is created, it’s adorned with our special Love Weld™ technology for a clasp-free, carefree, pain-free wear.

Permanent jewelry is a necklace, anklet or a bracelet that doesn’t have a typical clasp. Instead, the ends are welded or “zapped” together.

The main reason is we weld truly #foreverbound jewelry. 14K Solid gold is heirloom quality, sustainable, durable, will not tarnish and hypoallergenic in nature.

Our pieces are 14k solid gold and designed to last forever or until you want to take them off or add a clasp.

There are many reasons people love our forever bound jewelry and they are unique to the individual.  Here are a few reasons we’ve heard:

  • The pieces are custom tailored and allow wearers to tell a bit of their story.
  • It’s a great way to make a style statement.
  • To commemorate special occasions.
  • Show lasting bonds with loved ones.
  • Traditional jewelry styles are uncomfortable, and they prefer a custom fit.

Yes. It only takes a few painless moments to get a permanent necklace or bracelet, and the welding tools don't touch your skin. 

You can simply give a gentle snip at the welded ring with scissors.  We’ll be here to offer a complimentary re-weld.

Prefer a clasp for your once permanent piece? We can add one for a small fee. 

Additionally, we do offer additional services for permanent jewelry styles under our 60 day warranty

Please take a look at our Love Weld™ customer promise for guidance on what to do in this instance.

One of the many reasons we only use 14K gold for our pieces is that it's durable and resistant to elements.

Yes. Our jewelry is made from 14K solid gold, which is not magnetic.  Nothing about your piece is going to set off a metal detector.

Our pieces are not a problem for most medical procedures.  Please consult with your doctor and follow their guidance.  If you do need to remove it, we re-weld pieces removed for medical reasons for free in the studio, or we can always add a clasp for a small fee.

Love Weld™ Forever Bound Appointments

All minors under the age of 18, must be accompanied by or have written consent from a parent or guardian.

We do not weld children under the age of 10 but offer adjustable clasped versions that grow with them at no extra charge.

Appointments are encouraged, although we do take walk-ins. Please check availability by going to our book an appointment page to learn about the studio availability in your area.

A 30-minute appointment accommodates up to 3 guests getting one welded piece each or up to 3 total pieces welded.

A 60-minute appointment accommodates 4 to 6 guests or up to 6 total pieces welded during the appointment.

Our most popular forever bound 14k bracelets start at $100. There is no additional cost for the weld. Check out our signature styles here.

Yes! Our custom charms are often added during Love Weld sessions.

Our welding technology ensures a seamless, pain-free experience, letting love do all the talking.

From anklets that dance on your feet to rings that grace your hands, necklaces that embrace your heart, and bracelets that adorn your wrists, we’re here to forge love into every piece. 

To add a clasp simply book a refresh appointment at our studio, and we'll add a clasp for
you for $25.

We offer rewelding of permanent jewelry from other brands for $40, or free with the purchase of a Love Weld piece. We do not offer the welding of personal jewelry, chains, or charms, since they were not originally intended for permanent jewelry wear.

You can get Love Welded at one of our many growing locations or pop ups in your area! Check out our list of Locations here to book your appointment!

Not one in your current area? We are growing so be sure to keep up with where we’re off to next by following us on Instagram @love.weld or sign-up for SMS or our email list to always be the first to know.

SHOP ONLINE! Our Love Weld™ signature styles are also available in our online shop at various lengths and with a custom LW clasp. Buy it now online and you can always choose to have it welded later!

Love Weld would love to host or join you at your next event. Visit our events page here for more information.

Love Weld™ Online

Our online collections feature our best sellers in our LW studios. They are tailor-made to order with a traditional clasped closure.

Yes, any of our clasped Love Weld™ collection items can be welded,
post-purchase, free of charge during a scheduled appointment.

We recommend sizing up 1/2" when purchasing online for the perfect fit when welding in studio. See our full size guide here.

Yes, we offer gift cards & gift box sets.

Plus! our Love Weld™
jewelry styles are also available for purchase online with a clasp that can be #foreverbound with an appointment.

Take a look at our size guide.

General Customer Care

Love Weld jewelry is made of Solid 14k Yellow & White Gold, which makes it perfect for carefree wear & long-lasting shine. We use the highest quality materials to allow for the utmost durability. Like any fine chain, we encourage proactive maintenance to help keep your piece shining as bright as the day you got it. We recommend regular cleaning with a polishing cloth or jewelry cleaner - particularly during the summer months or at times when you may be wearing more lotion or other oil-based skin products.

Our custom permanent jewelry styles are final sale. For these styles we do have warranty & repair services.

For traditional, non-custom, jewelry styles. Please go to our Return & exchange policy.

We stand behind what we create and sell and want you to enjoy your style for years to come. Please read below our warranty policies for different types of LW styles.

Please see our shipping and processing policy.