Love Weld | Year of Intention | Morse Code Collection

Love Weld | Year of Intention | Morse Code Collection

What is the Intention Weld?

You can set an intention with any of our pieces, but what's special about the New Morse Code collection, is that you are able to create a hidden message that you can carry with you. I'll be carrying the word Rhythm for this year, more on that below.  

In studio during January, we will be taking appointments for people to weld their intentions for 2022. You'll have time to reflect and build your 14k gold custom intention piece with one of our trained Love Welders and have it either zapped for permanent wear or have a clasped added.

See the 2022 Intention Collection or book your Love Weld™ Studio Appointment



Join us at one of our special Intention Events this month!


At each of our locations we will be hosting special events with yoga, coffee, life coaches and more. Where you can reflect on the New Year and get your intention weld! Check out our current lineup

Why this collection is dear to me...

I'm excited to launch 2022 with the Morse Code Collection. A new customization that was inspired by a faith practice that I've kept the majority of my adult life.

Starting in 2009 I started purchasing a Moleskin daily planner each year. And at the start of each year--most often a week or two late--I'd sit to find my word of intention for the new year. This can be done in many ways depending on you mindfulness practice, but for me this is a time of prayer and meditation. Waiting for the Holy Spirit to reveal the word for the year in my stream of consciousness. Once the word was given, it's often inescapable from my thinking.

Last year my word was Brave New World--a foreshadowing of all the change and newness that was to come. This included a move from booming Austin, Texas to the more foothills of the Sandia Mountains in New Mexico with my family, and the quick expansion of Love Weld™. All very new, all needing quite a bit of bravery!

This year the intention, or word, came to me during the holidays while driving the wide open spaces of West Texas back to New Mexico. The word that kept coming to mind as I looked at the arid landscape is Rhythm. As I navigate this New World I aim to keep in rhythm with the Creator, knowing that he knows the bigger picture, I just need to stay in step. 

"The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps." - Proverbs 16:9

What is zapped permanent jewelry? 

Although the idea of permanent jewelry may conjure up some anxiety, it’s hardly as permanent or painful as one would expect. It just involves welding a custom fit, claspless necklace, bracelet, ring, or anklet. 

So how permanent is a piece of zapped jewelry? Really, as permanent as you’d like it to be. Zapped jewelry can easily be taken off with scissors. That isn’t the end of its lifespan though, because all zapped jewelry can be rewelded and look good as new. At Love Weld, we offer a 60-day satisfaction guarantee policy so you have the time to see if zapped jewelry is right for you.




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