More about the Love Weld™ Brand

More about the Love Weld™ Brand

Why Love Weld™?

As the trend of clasp-free jewelry grows we wanted to share more about Love Weld™ and what our brand has to offer.

We call our permanent jewelry styles Love Welds. In our Love Weld ™ collection we offer custom bracelets, necklaces, anklets and rings in solid 14k yellow or white gold.

You might know this trend as zapped or sparked jewelry, permanent bracelet bar, eternity bracelets, eterna jewelry, infinity bracelets, linked, or forever friendship bracelets.  

Premier Permanent Jewelry Brand

When Love Weld™ launched in February 2020, we were the first permanent jewelry

brand in the U.S.  Our founder, Sarah Sides, has been in jewelry design since 2012. This experience has given her an eye for quality and a passion for customer experience. Sarah came across the permanent jewelry concept as she was exploring jewelry trends and loved how eternity jewelry was being concepted in jewelry stores in Europe.  

The heart of the Love Weld™ brand is to offer quality custom permanent jewelry pieces in a setting that creates a lasting wearable memory. Since Love Weld is solely focused on eternity jewelry as a brand, it has been able to put its resources over the years into creating a quality product and is committed to continually doing so from beginning to end.

Check out our Austin, Texas flagship studio. We are also located in Dallas, Texas, Denver, Colorado and Albuquerque, New Mexico and have plans to expand in 2022. 

We use 14k Solid Yellow & White Gold

With permanent zapped jewelry being a newer trend in the industry. There are a variety of options as far as materials, collections, and names for this type of clasp-free jewelry style. We have spent a lot of time honing in our permanent jewelry options, with the goal of high quality custom jewelry offerings at fair prices. 

We use 14k solid gold in order to truly create a long lasting style, that will not tarnish or turn color with wear, and is hypoallergenic. 

With permanent jewelry you are not able to take styles off when showering, swimming, and cleaning. This is important to be able to do so with your 14k gold filled, gold plated, or sterling silver pieces so that they do not tarnish or cause a rash. That is why we have made a commitment to using 14k solid white & yellow gold for our permanent jewelry styles. 

Why Permanent Jewelry? 

Why should you opt to use the sparked technology for clasp-free wear? Over the years we have found that our clients have chosen to opt for permanent jewelry for many reasons.

Whether sentimental or aesthetic, we have found overall that our customers have found the choice to be surprisingly practical. You don't realize how much a clasp gets in the way of daily wear until you no longer have to mess with one. You get a minimal, light weight style, with a clean infinite look. Minimizing breakage, tangling, and fussing with a clasp. 

Additionally, the actual experience is a lot of fun. Much like getting a piercing or tattoo (except welding is pain free) with the sparked technology, it truly is magic. 

What if it breaks or I need to remove?

We understand that the idea of a bracelet for eternity can be daunting--it's not like we are your favorite Kendra Scott earrings that you can take on and off. 

We are here to help guide you into the eternity jewelry trend the best we can! Never hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns. 

If you need to cut off your bracelet for any reason, do so with scissors where the welded ring is located and schedule a welding appointment to have it reattached, or add a clasp.

If the item is removed or breaks within the 60 day satisfaction guarantee policy we will reattach or replace lost items free of charge. Simply book your repair appointment. 

For pieces outside of the 60 day policy,  if the item is still in your possession, and needs to be re-welded a $20 + tax service fee will be charged. 

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